That OH S**T Moment When You Hit a Deer With Your Vehicle

First things first… Try NOT to panic! (Easier said than done though, I know)

You may not think you need to read an article on what to do if you hit a deer because lets be honest…. the majority of us know we need to pull over, call the police, take pictures of the damage and contact your insurance agent.

So instead of reiterating facts you may (and probably) already know, I’ve decided to write about a few less common things you should do after you hit a deer and some ways to help prevent a deer collision.

After Deer Collision:

-Do NOT bring the deer carcass home with you if you do not have a permit. Why? Because it’s actually illegal to do this. However, if you find yourself really wanting to keep the deer for the meat and you have no permit, you may call a law enforcement officer for a permit.

-Don’t assume the deer is actually dead… even if it looks like it is. Normally we see deer as scared and timid animals but they may attack you if you they’re scared.

Ways to Prevent the OH S**T I Hit a Deer Moment:

-Deer are most active between dusk and dawn so utilize your “brights” on your vehicle as much as possible for a better chance at seeing their bright eyeballs.

-Honk your horn if you see a deer on the road.

-Make sure you have the proper auto insurance policy!!! If you don’t have comprehensive coverage and hit a deer, you will not be covered for the damage!

***NOTE: It’s important to know that if you hit a deer, it’s considered a comprehensive claim and if you hit something else to avoid a deer, it’s considered a collision claim. So be sure to have both coverage’s.

Of course, not all collisions can be prevented. That’s why it’s important to be familiar with the steps you need to take if this happens to you. Like always, if you ever have any insurance questions, give us a call or text at 952-930-3661!