If your business is unable to operate and generate revenue due to an event that is covered by the business interruption policy, the insurance benefits can help you meet your financial needs for things like rent, orders, and payroll.

This policy covers your business when it’s forced to temporarily close due to a variety of factors.

Why Does Your Business Need This?

  • Other examples of business income loss include experiencing a kitchen fire that puts your out of business for 90 days while repairs are being made. The lost income occurs both during the 90 days you did not operate but may also continue on some level after you re-open if customers found other places to visit during your absence. You might also have additional expenses due to the loss such as renting equipment or generators to operate after a storm, or renting temporary additional space to store product and inventory. These extra expenses would not have occurred if the loss did not happen and they too can be covered.
  • Say a major hurricane comes through the region, but your restaurant is spared. If the very next day you get a call from your main food vendor saying they can’t make any deliveries because of the storm, then how does a restaurant make money without any food to serve? This type of supply chain coverage is called contingent business interruption coverage.