The Benefits of Having an Independent Insurance Agent (Written By a Non Insurance Person)

For those of you who didn’t read who wrote this blog, my name is Ashley and I am the only non insurance related employee at Minnesota Insurance Group. I take care of all things related to marketing. Yes, I am the one sending you monthly newsletters and asking you for testimonials… which are greatly appreciated by the way!!

The official definition of an independent insurance agent is someone that represents multiple insurance carriers and finds the one that best suits their client. In other words, they are highly knowledgable people that know all of the ins and outs in the insurance world. You may be wondering why you should or why you are using an independent agent instead of going through a provider directly.

So, here are my 4 reasons why having an independent insurance agent is beneficial.

1. They make your life easier. Instead of you taking the time to fill out multiple quote applications, our independent agents will only need your information one time and then they utilize their connections and partners to find you great coverage at the best price.

2. Our independent agents work with and represent many different insurance companies that offer a wide range of prices and coverage options.

3. Whether you need personal or business insurance, they are able to take care of all of your insurance needs. They are also able to switch your carriers so you don’t have to shop around yourself.

4. Our independent agents are able to provide personalized customer service. When you call, you will be connected right away to one of us. We have no automated voices that direct your call, it’s just us.

Now you may think that these are all great reasons… but what about the reasons why you shouldn’t use an independent insurance agent?

1. You like shopping for your own insurance.

2. You don’t like saving money and time.

3. You enjoy calling 800 numbers.