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Insurance that protects what matters most – people.

Too often, the importance of protecting your health, livelihood, income and lifestyle are overlooked. Life gets busy, and you assume there will always be another tomorrow to make this a priority. Unfortunately, when the time comes that you know you need this coverage, it is too late to purchase the good quality coverage you now want and need.

Buying life insurance is not about your life, it is about the lives of the people who are important to us and who depend upon us today, and tomorrow. Estimates suggest approximately 40% of Americans have no life insurance benefits for their loved ones to rely upon when they die. Many who do carry some life insurance, only do so through work with plans that may not be available when employment ends and may not serve their long term needs.

The importance of good quality healthcare continues to be a challenge for most people and businesses these days. The MNsure exchange can provide tax credits for individual plans, while health insurance companies also offer plans off-exchange for those who do not qualify for tax credits and want to avoid the complexity of the MNsure exchange process. Group health plans provide excellent coverage and network options and each year between 11/15 and 12/15 small groups can enroll without participation or contribution requirements.

Other important areas of personal and financial protection include disability insurance to cover the expenses you will face if you are injured or ill, cannot work and are no longer receiving an income you depended upon. Long Term Care (LTC) insurance provides some resources to pay for many long term residential care situations, including home care, assisted living and memory care arrangements. The right long term care partnership approved plan can also help protect some of your assets based upon the amount of coverage you buy.


Minnesota Insurance Group, Inc. knows that in Minnesota, there are as many unique insurance needs as we have neighbors who live here! Contact one of our helpful team members about your specific insurance needs.

Individual and Business Insurance Products

  • Life Insurance – Term Life, Simplified Issue Term Life, Renewable Term Life, Whole Life, Children’s Whole Life, Universal Life, Group Life, Guaranteed Issue Group Life, Key Man/Woman Insurance, Buy/Sell Insurance
  • Disability Insurance – Long Term Disability and Short Term Disability
  • Health & Dental Insurance – Individual off-exchange health, Individual MNsure on-exchange health, Medicare, Dental Insurance, Small Group Health, Large Group Health, Self-Funded Group Health, Association Health Groups and Short Term Medical
  • Long Term Care – Individual Long Term Care, Hybrid Life/LTC, Group Long Term Care
  • Annuities & IRAs – Roth IRA, Non-Qualified IRA, SEP and SIMPLE plans
  • Supplemental Employee Benefits – Voluntary Dental Plans, Short Term Disability, Cancer Plans, Accident Plans, Hospital Plans and Maternity Leave Plans